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To: John Setka and Shaun Reardon

We've got your back - Keep fighting for our rights and safety

We've got your back - Keep fighting for our rights and safety

Workers and our unions are under attack and now the Liberal Party and big business are dragging the police into their political agenda.
John Setka and Shaun Reardon have always stood strong for safety, higher wages and better conditions for construction workers. As union leaders they have fought for and stood strong with workers across other industries.
I'm proud to stand with them.
The Liberal Party wants to make standing up for workers and safety a criminal offence. But it's big companies and their bosses who should be getting held to account for the injuries and deaths workers and their families have suffered in dangerous industries such as construction.

Why is this important?

As a CFMEU member, I know John and Shaun spend every day fighting to make my workplace safer and to defend my workplace rights. Construction is a tough and dangerous industry. Going to work can be a life or death situation at times, and it shouldn’t be. It’s only thanks to the CFMEU that we have the safety and conditions we do at work.
When workers rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back.
Please sign my petition to show your support for John and Shaun; and ask that they keep fighting to defend workplace safety in this country.

How it will be delivered

John and Shaun will personally receive your messages of support - make sure your workmates, friends and family have a chance to send a message of solidarity - share this petition.

Reasons for signing

  • Sounds like Tony Cut Abbott
  • Its time for us all to stand up and speak out and join our unions and change the rules fight the issues ...457s ..labour hire...casualisatiin of workforce..penalty rates.. apprenticeships and traineeships to fill our own jobs with our kids and give them futures first... stop the union bashers and educate the grubs...
  • United we stand,divided we all fall if we fail to support those who serve to make the work place a safe environment...


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