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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Weekend workers don't deserve a pay cut - protect our penalty rates

I am so angry. The Fair Work Commission handed down a decision that cuts the pay of hundreds of thousands of retail and hospitality workers.

I work on Sundays, and penalty rates make a world of difference. This is a sudden pay cut that weekend workers can’t afford and don’t deserve.

Scott Morrison did nothing to prevent this. He refused to stand up for working Australians at every step.

Please sign and tell the Prime Minister: he needs to act now to protect the pay of weekend workers.



Why is this important?

As a hospitality worker, I work when most people are enjoying time off with family and friends. My weekend penalty rates make up for this. And they put food on my table and a roof over my head.

Retail, fast food and hospitality workers are already some of the lowest paid people in Australia. We cannot afford this cut to our wages.

Tell the Prime Minister, Australian workers deserve a pay rise, not a pay cut. He needs to act now to protect our pay.

Reasons for signing

  • This is pure greed for employer and underpaying lower paid workers.
  • human decency
  • We give up alot to work weekends!


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