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To: Wilson Security

Wilson: Fair pay rates, not V8s.

Australia’s biggest security firm, Wilson Security, have the money to pay for a V8 Supercar team but not pay fair wages to hard working guards. It’s nearly 2 years since Wilson guards in Victoria have had a pay rise.

Wilson Security have previously been exposed as tax cheats - hiding profits in offshore Panama accounts – they’re short-changing all Australian taxpayers, not just the guards who work for them.

Australia’s industrial rules are broken – and this gives Companies like Wilson a choice. They can use the broken laws to screw over your workforce – use dodgy tactics to slow down negotiations and deny hard working guards a fair deal.

Or they could do the right thing and pay their workers a fair wage.

Why is this important?

Guards underpin Wilson Security and have helped them make over $1bn in revenue.

Guards aren’t asking for much – a new EBA with pay rises to help keep up with the increasing cost of living and help their families get ahead.

But Wilson Security say they can’t afford it. Meanwhile, they’re pouring millions into car racing.

It’s not fair. It’s time for Wilson Security to stop taking advantage of a broken system and pay up so workers don’t have to compete with Supercars to get fair pay.


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