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This year guards have been taking up the fight over Wilson’s dodgy implementation of their VOT scheme. Wilson were meant to get guards to opt in to the scheme for it to be legal but it turns out that they didn’t follow the rules and a large amount of guards never signed anything to agree to VOT.

Wilson can avoid the court if they want to. Wilson have a choice. Wilson can make a fair settlement offer to all union members affected by their dodgy system. But, if they keep refusing to resolve this issue - guards are not afraid, our message is clear “We will see you in court”.

Guards are signing this petition to show Wilson that they shouldn’t drag this out unnecessarily and don’t make us go through this process of going through court and make a fair settlement with guards. You dragged out the EBA, you drag out everything. Just let us get us get on with the job of making Victoria safer.

Why is this important?

That’s why union guards took Wilson to the Fair Work Commission. Union guards are trying to win back the money they are owed because if guards didn’t sign an opt in form to the VOT, they should be paid at ordinary OT rates that could amount to $$$ for guards.

Wilson have refused to admit guilt in the Commission, even as they scrambled to fix their broken system.Instead, Wilson is refusing to accept they got it wrong and they don’t think they have to pay a single cent back.

Union guards are not giving up because this is wage theft and impacts guards in nearly every Wilson site. If Wilson don’t do the right thing, union members will take them to court.


2020-02-23 04:34:34 +1100

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