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To: Woolworths Group

Woolies: get wage theft out of our shopping trolleys

Woolies: get wage theft out of our shopping trolleys

My name is Mahani and I am a farm worker, working on the farms that supply Coles and Woolworths.

They have done nothing to help us!

The lowest rate I have been paid is $8 to $10 an hour.

The bad working conditions include heat and most farms don’t have toilets - that’s very bad for us as farm workers.

When we get injured - break your leg, break your arm and cut yourself - the contractor says you can stay at home and come back when you feel better.

Things changed for me when my company kicked out the dodgy contractor.

When the union came, the company decided to kick out the dodgy contractor, and then we got a minimum wage and an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

I got a better wage – and not only a better wage. That is a better life and a better future for my kids.

But it should not have to be this hard for farm workers.

The big supermarkets control everything.

But they are not doing simple things to help us stop dodgy contractors and dodgy companies.

This is the time Coles and Woolies need to help us farm workers.

Why is this important?

Farm workers across Australia are subjected to wage theft, verbal and physical abuse, and modern slavery conditions under Woolworths' suppliers.

Farm workers are speaking out and joining the United Workers Union to fight the systematic exploitation and wage theft that huge corporations like Woolworths are responsible for.

Stand with them. Tell the supermarket giants to end the exploitation of those who pick and pack our fresh food this holiday season.

Reasons for signing

  • Decent farmers who do the right thing by their workers are disadvantaged by growers and suppliers who don't.
  • I have been shopping at Woolies today. Unless Woolies ensures their food pickers receive adequate financial compensation for their labour, i wont be there again.
  • Up the workers! Down with Woolies pokies machines!


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