To: Scott Morrison

Good, secure jobs for every worker in Australia

Do your job. Create pathways into secure work for all workers in Australia, and stop employers dodging responsibility!

We demand:
* sick leave for all workers - casuals too!
* a real path to permanency - moving casual workers into permanent jobs with security!
* an end to wage theft

Why is this important?

Australia has one of the highest rates of insecure work in the world, and so far Scott Morrison's government has only made matters worse. Thousands of workers in Australia have no wage security week to week - and can’t plan their lives around work. We can’t get a bank loan without permanent employment. We’re scared to turn down a shift in case we’re struck off the books. We can’t even plan a day out with the kids in case we’re called into work.

People are uniting to demand good jobs and fair wages for every worker in Australia. We want to halve the rate of insecure work by 2030 - and we can do it! It only requires political will.