To: Yarra Trams

Yarra Trams, treat your workers with respect!

Yarra Trams need to come to the bargaining table and treat their workers fairly. Their latest agreement expired 8 months ago, and Yarra Trams are refusing to guarantee job security and better wages.

• Workers have been trying to talk to Yarra Trams management but Yarra Trams repeatedly cancel negotiation meetings and is delaying the negotiation process
• Yarra Trams wants to create a mass part-time workforce
• Drivers will lose $7,000 per year as a result

Why is this important?

We are young workers supporting Yarra Trams drivers, authorised officers and customer service staff.

Public transport workers work late evening, early mornings, weekends and every hour in between. They keep our city running. They deserve to be treated with respect and taken seriously by Yarra Trams.