The CPSU NSW proudly fights to secure and advance the pay and conditions of workers in universities, TAFE colleges, disability services and state-owned corporations.

The CPSU NSW is a non-profit volunteer organisation predominantly run by elected members, called delegates, for the benefit of members. Most workplaces have delegates who represent members collectively and individually and work with paid staff to engage with members on campaigns that members care about.

The union’s governing body is run by volunteers, elected from across the membership. There are also advisory groups where members help inform the union about issues impacting them. The two main advisory groups are the Women’s Council and the Aboriginal Council.

Delegates and members are supported by elected and paid officials who provide training, support and resources to help members and delegates address issues in their workplace. Specialised industrial services are also provided by trained and skilled staff who advocate and represent members with management and in tribunals such as the Fair Work Commission.

The key activities of the CPSU NSW is harnessing the collective power of the membership. Through campaigning and negotiating collective enterprise agreements, members’ pay and conditions are protected and improved. Members can also get involved in broader community campaigns and national campaigns such as the Rights At Work campaign in 2007-2009 and the Change the Rules campaign. Collective purchasing power is used to get access to discounted goods, services, insurance and banking.

All members of the CPSU NSW are also members of the Public Service Association of NSW, the union’s associated body registered in the state industrial relations system. While members in universities were the first to transition there is now about 35 per cent of the union’s members operating in the national IR system.

The CPSU NSW side of the union represents members in:
  • Professional staff in NSW universities, university owned companies and student unions
  • Administrative, support and related employees in TAFE NSW
  • Home care and disability services
  • State Owned Corporations including Water NSW and Forestry Corporation
  • Aboriginal Land Council
  • Mercer Administration
  • NSW Land Registry Services
  • Parklea Correctional Centre
  • Professional staff in electricity generation and distribution companies