Curtin Student Guild

The Curtin Student Guild coordinates services and activities to represent you, the students! All Curtin students are automatically members with access to free Student Assist services, discounts, clubs, entertainment, giveaways and more!

Students representatives are elected every year to advocate for you to the university on important issues. They work together with a group of professional staff to make sure you leave Curtin with more than just a piece of paper when you graduate.

What we do:
  • Student Representation - we sit on boards, committees and panels to make sure your voice is heard.
  • Equity Departments and Faculty Representatives are here to get the best outcomes for students. 
  • Student Assist - legal help, advocacy, emergency financial assistance and more!
  • Clubs and societies - we facilitate the 100+ clubs and societies, which you should totally join!
  • Student events and courses - which are usually FREE or with freebies!
  • Guild Cafes, The Tav and G Mart - we run them so we can keep prices down!
  • Deals and Discounts - start saving on campus and online!
  • Dedicated rural and regional programs