The Services Union

We are the Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union Queensland (Services and Northern Administrative) Branch and the Queensland Services, Industrial Union of Employees trading as The Services Union.

The Services Union is committed to Real Change to make Australia a more just place to live and work. We do this by acting as professionals providing community and public services.

We do this through our commitment to making our industries stronger and more responsive to the community. We strive to improve the wages and working conditions of our members and to make our workplaces fairer and more respectful.

Our members are frontline staff and managers working in local authorities, the electricity, water, rail, travel, ports and shipping industries, community services, information technology, airlines, health, private clerical and the university sector. Our Union works everyday to build our community.

We are there and aim to ensure that vital public and community services reach everyone who needs them. Through our Union, we aim to make our industries better by fighting for increases in government funding, supporting the community to have its say and lobbying governments in the public interest.

Our Union gives members the strength and power to ensure that their voices are heard and acted upon.

We are working to make a real difference – a Real Change to the quality of community and public services in Queensland.

Join us, support us and make a difference – be part of a Real Change.