Transport Workers Union and The Young Workers Centre

Transport workers are the backbone of Australia. Every hour of every day, across every state and territory, Transport Workers' Union members keep this country running. The TWU has been the collective voice of transport workers for over 120 years, fighting for better pay, conditions and safety standards for workers in a wide range of industries including road transport, aviation, mining, oil and gas, freight transport, public transport and waste management.

Bringing together the collective power of 90,000 members and their families across Australia, we campaign in the workplace, among the community, in local and national media, and across all levels of government to get a fair go and safe working conditions for all our members.


The Young Workers Centre educates young workers about their safety and workplace rights, and empowers them to resolve issues in the workplace. Based in Victorian Trades Hall, we educate young people as they enter the workforce via our training programs, which are available to all Victorian high schools, TAFEs and technical colleges. We assist young people to resolve workplace issues through our legal service designed exclusively for young workers. We empower young people to use their collective voice by driving campaigns on key issues for young people at work.