UFUA Tasmania Branch

The Tasmania Branch of the United Firefighters Union of Australia represents the industrial and political interests of professional firefighters in the island state.  In addition, the branch is vitally concerned with the health and safety, training and welfare of its members.

First formed in 1943 the branch has around 350 members who work in:

  • Shift work operations
  • Brigade management
  • Regional operations and volunteer management
  • Career and volunteer training
  • Community Fire Safety
  • School Fire Education
  • Building Safety
  • Communications and dispatch
  • Portable firefighting equipment installation and servicing
The Union is a democratic organisation.  Elections for the Branch Committee of Management are held every three years.  Subsequent to those elections further elections for Union Workplace Representatives and Employee Safety Representatives are also conducted every three years.

Like firefighters’ unions everywhere, the branch has an extremely high rate of membership.  In addition, more than ten percent of members hold an elected position as either a member of the Branch Committee of Management or Union Workplace Representative or Employee Safety Representative.

The branch has a proud tradition of success. Over the past decade we have increased member’s wages by over fifty per cent and have achieved crewing of one Officer and three Firefighters on all appliances.  In addition, Tasmania became the first state in Australia to be fully standards compliant in respect to all structural and wild fire personal protective clothing.

We are a small but very active branch of a proud national union.

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