Victorian Ambulance Union

The VAU was formed in 2019 as an independent Union by ambulance employees, for ambulance employees.

Membership is comprised of workers from every section of the ambulance industry and has over 150 elected delegates representing their home branches and workplaces.

Aside from our Ambulance Victoria (AV) members, we also represent members working in Private Patient Transport; and ESTA call-takers, dispatchers, and team leaders.

The majority of our members are employed with AV over a myriad of roles. These include NEPT, CTS, Graduates, ALS, MICA, ACO, Triage Practitioners, Triage Team Leaders, Team Managers, Senior Team Managers, Duty Managers, CSOs, clerical and administrative workers.

The VAU also advocates for the maintenance of ambulance infrastructure, equipment and vehicles and the provision of supervision and training services for the foregoing employees.