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To: Residents and Visitors of Dartmouth

24 Hour fuel pod for Dartmouth

Dartmouth Community Progress Association (DCPA) is pursuing a Grant to provide funding for a Fuel Pod; the same as the one at Eskdale. These Pods are very safe in their design with many safety precautions built in.
As everyone that lives permanently or visits on a regular basis knows, Dartmouth is at the end of the road and has on several occasions already been cut off from fuel supplies during emergencies when fuel tankers have refused to travel up into the area due to fire danger. This project will enable emergency services fuel certainty during emergency situations and adds to the assets available if Dartmouth was used as a staging point for Emergency situations.

Many tourists are unaware of our lack of fuel availability and must back track to either Mitta Mitta or Eskdale to find fuel or bring it with them. We have many fishers bringing boats so economically it will be an advantage to the community having fuel within the vicinity of other businesses in town.

DCPA would ask you to sign this letter so we can show the Funding Body the amount of support this project has from our Community and visitors to our town.

Why is this important?

Fuel Security is essential

Dartmouth VIC 3701, Australia

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