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To: Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration & Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Australia must accept Gay and Bisexual refugees from Chechnya

We, the undersigned, call upon the Australian Government to accept Gay and Bisexual refugees fleeing the persecution of homosexual men and other LGBTI citizens in Chechnya.

Why is this important?

As the Government is aware, homosexual men are being rounded up and held in concentration camps.

We understand that they are being tortured and killed by Chechnyan authorities. Chechnyan leaders are also calling for families to kill their gay relatives.

Some are managing to escape Chechnya, but persecution against LGBTI people is ongoing in Russia, and offers no safe haven.

We cannot standby and watch as gay people are killed by their own Governments which should be protecting their rights.

As an open and accepting society, and under its human rights obligations, Australia should offer refuge to any LGBT asylum seekers fleeing from these forms of persecution.

We can create a safe place for these men to live without fear and persecution.

The Australian Government needs to act now!

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Foreign Minister Bishop and Immigration Minister Dutton.


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