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To: The Hon Sussan Ley MP Minister for the Environment

Bendigo Workers Want Climate Action

The world is changing rapidly and Climate Change is at the forefront of everyone's mind. Many countries have implemented aggressive policies to achieve zero net emissions, some of these are among Australia's biggest trading partners buying Australian Iron, Coal and Gas. If we as a nation don't get on board, not only will we continue to contribute to the problem but our Australian workers will be left high and dry. Bendigo workers want the Australian Government to develop a plan that will provide new jobs though renewable alternatives, a policy that will pave the way to a greener cleaner future while minimising the impact on Australian jobs.

Why is this important?

We need the Australian Government get on board with other countries with a real Climate Policy that will also transition Australian workers in to new clean and sustainable jobs. Bendigo workers want to see Australia invest in green energy and steel to reduce Australia's impact on our environment and secure the future for the next-generation of Australians. Bendigo is known as the 'City in the Forest' surrounded by farm land and amazing winery's, the result of the governments inaction on climate change will create job losses, decimate our agricultural and wine industries as well as having devastating effects on our beautiful city. With other counties committing to zero emissions within only a few decades Australian fossil fuels exports will decrease leaving workers to face job losses unless we have a plan. If others have a plan, it is time that we have a plan too. Australia should be part of the solution not the problem.


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