To: Australian consumers, Factory X, Gorman

Boycott Gorman

Boycott Gorman's products until they have more ethical producers.

Instead of spending $100-400 AUD on your next Gorman item, support local, Australian produced, funky clothing to encourage prove everyone has a right to a decent job. By boycotting Gorman, every individual is saying "no" to Factory X. Instead, give your money to emerging designers whose products are made by people in decent working conditions, earning a decent wage.

Why is this important?

Investigations into worker welfare (see - recently ranked Australian brands on the conditions in the factories where their products are made.

Gorman products are made by Factory X, who ranked as the worst for workplace conditions. Safety, pay, hours worked, breaks and protection from danger are well below expected standards at Factory X. Their workers work long hours for low pay in terrible and dangerous conditions. We cannot be complicit in this abuse of workers rights.