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To: Q&A Producer

Break the silence on poverty! Bring Duncan Storrar back on Q&A!

Break the silence on poverty! Bring Duncan Storrar back on Q&A!

The upcoming election is ignoring a major issue, AGAIN.

There has not been a single mention of the three million Aussies living below the poverty line, or of the 700,000+ who are homeless. Our broken system works hard to criminalise and punish the poor, pressuring people not to speak up and shaming those who do. We remember what happened to Duncan Storrar when he asked a question about poverty in the lead-up to the 2016 election, and the severe persecution that followed as the Murdoch media made an example of him.

Q&A has the power to break the silence around poverty in Australia.

We're asking that you bring Duncan Storrar back and give him the chance to sit on the panel in the run-up to the election, giving impoverished Australians a voice and putting modern poverty back on the agenda this election.

Why is this important?

I'm a single mum of two young kids and have seen how poor government policy impacts single parent families and those doing it tough. We can't let these issues go unaddressed when the future of so many Australian children is at stake. I've known Duncan since the 2016 post-Q&A fallout and have worked with him on the No Homeless Ban campaign and other anti-poverty projects. We are a wealthy country - no child should be homeless or hungry. The politicians won't listen - their heads are in the sand. Time to stir the pot - and get Duncan back on Q&A.


Reasons for signing

  • Homeless shouldn't be a problem, we need more safe houses, no man, woman or child should sleep in fear, the coldness or in hunger, The Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas have to many people that are homeless, COME UP WITH WAYS TO END THIS because HOMELESS ISNT LIVING, more ideas to fix Melbournes problems should lead to more jobs and in all hope fix our problem .
  • Most people don't comprehend how expensive being poor is.
  • Its needs to be Addressed


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