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To: Brisbane City Council

Brisbane - Let's Go FOGO

We the undersigned show our support for Brisbane City Council to introduce a Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service just as more than 70 other Australian local Councils have done.

FOGO is backyard composting on a citywide, industrial scale - turning kitchen food scraps and garden clippings into nutrient rich compost.

Why is this important?

FOGO in Brisbane will:
- Create thousands of jobs (three times as many jobs as traditional landfill)

- Remove up to 80,000 tonnes of organic waste from Brisbane’s landfill each year, reducing waste levy charges for ratepayers

- Create a nutrient rich compost which can be used on council gardens or sold to farmers and other producers – creating a revenue stream that feeds back into ratepayers’ pockets

- Reduce Brisbane's emissions greatly - it's the number 1 way Councils can reduce their carbon emissions because FOGO emissions are carbon neutral while organic waste in landfill generates methane that is 27 times more potent

It's a no-brainer! LET'S GO FOGO!



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