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To: family and friends of the eight people who died in Victorian workplaces in November this year

Remember the dead, fight for the living.

Traditionally November and December have a higher death toll, but November this year had the most workplace fatalities in over a decade. We want the families and friends of the workers who were killed to know our solidarity and condolences are with them. We are fighting for healthier and safer workplaces to prevent further deaths, injury & disease at work.

Why is this important?

All workplace injuries and deaths are preventable. Everyone should come home safe and healthy from work at the end of the day.

The eight deaths in November 2015 were:
November 30: A 41-year-old man working at a poultry farm at Lethbridge, near Geelong, was struck by a forklift late at night.

November 22: A 49-year-old farmer was found late in the evening underneath a quad bike on a property at South Purrumbete, east of Cobden.

19 November: A 42-year-old man fell to his death while removing a downpipe from a two-storey home at Hamlyn Heights in Geelong.

12 November: A 25-year-old refrigeration mechanic was electrocuted while doing maintenance work on an air conditioner at a factory in Braeside.

12 November: A 29-year-old worker was killed at a business in Keysborough when a piece of equipment fell off a forklift and crushed him.

10 November: a 76-year-old farmer was crushed by his tractor after it rolled over at Loch, in South Gippsland.

9 November: A 64-year-old contractor died in an explosion at a housing development site at Harkaway in Melbourne’s outer east.

4 November: A 76-year-old farm worker was electrocuted while maintenance was being undertaken on a pump at a farm at Anakie, near Geelong.




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