To: Yang Amat Berhormat Hajiji Noor, Chief Minister Sabah

Covid-19 SAFETY in SABAH - we want vaccination!

Covid-19 SAFETY in SABAH - we want vaccination!

Covid19 pandemic effected Sabah much more than other states in Malaysia as the economy was struggling and having one of the highest rate of poverty before this pandemic, many of your rakyat are unable to sustain their living hood and provide a meal for themselves. Many of these vulnerable families don’t have the option to self-isolate or adhere to lockdown measures. As the cost of living continues to soar amid rapidly rising inflation, missing even one day of work or not opening their hawker stall could mean their family won’t be able to eat. We therefore seek the Chief Minister of Sabah to provide Covid19 Vaccine to every one in the State of Sabah. Lockdown cannot be the long term solution.

Why is this important?

Only if everyone is vaccinated, we are safe.

Vaccinations are the only way to end this pandemic. We are launching COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in Sabah so people irrespective of their location, income and ethnicity can get access to the vaccine. Make Sabah safe again!

There are still too many people in Sabah who have yet to even get their immunisation appointment. Sabah only have about 13% (or 358, 592) vaccinated people as of July 17. To achieve the 40% target of vaccinated people from those eligible, the Federal Government must deliver another 1.48 million doses before the middle of August. Sabah cannot restart their economy without a scheduled and quick vaccination rate.

We are now appealing to the Chief Minister of Sabah Yang Amat Berhormat Hajiji Noor to intervene.

Sabah, Malaysia

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