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To: Crown Melbourne

Crown Melbourne: your profits are built on our sacrifices

My name is Benny Fong and I am a Table Games Dealer in the premium area at Crown Melbourne and a Casino Union delegate. I'm asking for your support on behalf of staff and union members here at Crown.
I like my job. I like dealing to the patrons. I think the standard of service we provide at Crown is world class.
But it comes at a price. In this job most of us have to work at least 40 weekends a year. You miss out on all sorts of important occasions with your family and close friends.
I missed the wedding of my best friend, who lives overseas. I was not able to take annual leave for the event, but then part way through the shift I was sent home early because I was no longer needed.
I felt really upset when I saw their photos on Facebook. These things happen only once. I am missing from their memories, I am missing from that precious moment in time. I will never be able to get that back. When my friends look at their Facebook albums I am missing from their life.
Every Crown worker has a story about losing contact with friends from outside of Crown.
Last year Crown Melbourne made a $662mil profit. Those profits are built on our sacrifices. We want Crown recognise us for those sacrifices and agree to our proposal for a special allowance for working late nights and graveyard shifts on Fridays and Saturday nights. Please add your voice - by signing my petition now.

Why is this important?

We call on Crown to support United Voice Casino Union members’ proposal for a weekend night shift allowance.
We also call on Crown to agree to support their push for fair annual pay increases and greater job security.




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