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To: Socialist Alternative's UoA SRC Representatives

Demand the Creation of Roseworthy and Waite Officers!

Socialist Alternative's Student Representative Council Members must either support the creation of dedicated Roseworthy and Waite officers or step down from their positions immediately.

Why is this important?

In the most recent SRC meeting, the student representatives from Socialist Alternative -- SRC President Ana Obradovic, Education Officer James Wood, Postgraduate Officer Jack Crawford, Environmental Officer Nix Herriot, and General Member Ramon O'Donnell -- collectively made the decision to block the Grassroots motion to better represent students from Roseworthy and Waite by granting both campuses dedicated positions on the SRC.

SRC President Ana Obradovic described the problem of a lack of representation from other UoA campuses on the Student Representative Council as an "insignificant" issue. When she was further pressed about the critical mental health crisis currently documented at the Roseworthy Campus, she dismissed the need for a dedicated officer with grounded experience of the crisis as "unimportant."

This is a stance that must be condemned as being completely and utterly unacceptable, and that's using polite language because in actuality the stance is nothing short of despicable. The position held by Socialist Alternative reinforces the segregation and detachment felt by students on both campuses and echoes the sentiment of upper management who care little about the students studying on rural campuses. Blocking a motion to further the representation of students at Waite and Roseworthy serves to do nothing but exacerbate the unique challenges that the student bodies of both campuses are facing. To dismiss these students and their need for a voice on the SRC as irrelevant is an absolutely shameful stance to take for a group that supposedly prides itself on championing the cause of student representation.

The undersigned hence demand that the elected representatives from Socialist Alternative pass this motion or resign from their positions immediately seeing as they are failing to do their duty in representing student interests.

Adelaide SA 5005, Australia

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