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To: NSW Police Force

Drop the Charges Against Cherish Kuehlmann!

University of NSW SRC Education Officer Cherish Kuehlmann was detained at midnight on Friday on alleged "aggravated trespass" charges, which carry potential jail time, and held in custody for 4 hours. This came after Cherish attended a student protest against Commbank and the RBA to demand measures to introduce affordable housing and higher taxes on corporations. Sign this petition to demand all charges against Cherish Kuehlmann be dropped.

Why is this important?

The brunt of the rental crisis is affecting low income renters and working class homeowners. Greedy landlords have jacked up prices and refuse to give up their investment properties to renters who need them. Meanwhile, the top four banks in Australia have raked in $2 trillion from household debt after multiple interest rate rises. The real criminals in this crisis are the banks, landlords and the federal and state government's who do nothing.

This charge is an extreme measure and another attempt by NSW police to impede on the right to protest in this state. We will not be intimidated, and will continue to campaign on the streets for affordable housing and all other issues of social justice. The housing campaign in NSW is only getting started and housing activists will return tin bigger numbers on the streets of Sydney.



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