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To: Members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly

Equal Rights and Dignity for Transgender, Gender Diverse & Intersex Tasmanians

We request the House to ensure transgender, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians can live without legal discrimination, and have the same opportunities and freedoms as other Tasmanians by:

• Removing the requirements for divorce and surgery;
• Restricting non-consenting surgical procedures on intersex people; and
• Removing all unnecessary gender markers from official forms and data collection.

Why is this important?

Transgender Tasmanians can be forced to divorce, and/or undergo surgery, before being able to have their gender identity recognised on official documents.

Intersex Tasmanians can be made to endure surgery before they are able to consent.

Non-binary Tasmanians can be forced to mis-gender themselves because official forms only recognise gender as male or female.
These outdated laws and practices perpetuate stigma and discrimination against transgender, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians.

They worsen the already-high rates of self-harm and suicide among transgender, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians.

They also constitute unnecessary government interference in the lives and freedoms of Tasmanians.



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