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To: Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and the LNP Brisbane City Council

Fix Brisbane's Mozzie Madness this Summer

Fix Brisbane's Mozzie Madness this Summer

We the undersigned petition Adrian Schrinner and the LNP Brisbane City Council to ensure that all necessary and available measures are taken in regard to mosquito management, so that residents can continue to live safely in their neighbourhoods and enjoy the great quality of life that Brisbane provides.

Why is this important?

With wetter than usual conditions forecast for the coming months, Brisbane residents simply can’t afford for Adrian Schrinner and the LNP Council to continue to overlook persistent mosquito problems in our suburbs.

A brief history of Adrian Schrinner and the LNP’s record when it comes to managing the mosquito population will explain why there is great concern. In 2018 The LNP sacked 12 experienced, full-time mosquito spraying staff only to be replaced by a couple of contractors. In 2019 Adrian Schrinner and his LNP team in Council underspent the mosquito spraying budget by $1.15 million. In 2020 Queensland Health figures showed that more Ross River fever cases had been recorded up to May this year than the annual totals for each of the previous four years.

Faced by a looming La Nina system over the pacific, locals are fed up with program underspends on this essential Council service while they see cases of mosquito-related diseases on the rise in their communities.

Reasons for signing

  • my outdoor living area is obsolete! i can hardly even hang the washing out without requiring a blood transfusion at the end of it. brisbane lifestyle is seriously compromised as a result. clean up our waterways and do something PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE!
  • We just moved into our new house in Mt Gravatt. Heading into summer, we're unable to spend an evening in the backyard without being swarmed. Mayor Schrinner is killing the QLD backyard.
  • I have noticed a significant increase in mosquitos over the past years. The BCC seem to pretend that it is not a problem.


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