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To: Locals

Foot Path from Grace Ct to Settlement Rd Drouin

Foot Path from Grace Ct to Settlement Rd Drouin

we are thrilled the remaining section of Shillinglaw Road Drouin is getting sealed and a foot path being put into place from Grace Ct to Gardner Holman Road, however the foot traffic from everyone living on shilling law Road will all use the section of the road between Grace Ct and Settlement Road this section is not getting a foot path.The Health and safety of our local families is my priority and I a mum of 2 speak for everyone in the area we do not feel safe walking along this stretch of road, the speed limit is 60Kms and yes the local residents slow down but the general public using this road to cut through to Longwarry do not slow down when passing someone walking, this section is also very dark and is in need of street lights.
So on behalf of all the local residents we ask for a foot path and street lights to be put into to place between Grace Ct and Settlement Rd Drouin.

Why is this important?

This is important for the healthy and safety of all local families

Drouin VIC 3818, Australia

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