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To: Governor General - Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC

GG to disolve the 46th Parliament

GG to disolve the 46th Parliament

Dear The Hon. Governor General,

I and the other Australians undersigned call on you to stand up.
Stand up for us, to stand up for proper Government and stand up against this continual disgrace of Parliamentary musical chairs.

It is clear that those in our 46th Parliament do not respect their positions, nor do they respect their constituents; some behaviour leads me to believe they do not even respect themselves.

In your role as GG you are bound to Act in the best interest of the Australian people, to protect the Constitution and to facilitate the work of the Commonwealth Parliament and Government.
Today, the Government flouted laws that everyday Australian workers must uphold; and they did that with very little or no consideration of their actions.

Every day, Australian workers go to work to try to prosper themselves and our economy, to be productive, contributing members of our society.
They may have a whole heap of turmoil going on behind the scenes, but they can’t just not turn up.

When the boss is being unrealistic, unjust or harsh those workers can’t just down tools and shut up shop to sort out their workplace woes.

If a workplace saw nearly everyone resign in disgust – that would be considered illegal industrial action and everyday Australians would face fines into the thousands of dollars ……

But today we witnessed just that, those in the highest seat of the land do as they please and not even a whisper from those who would be calling for their heads if it was any other workplace.
The powers which the Governor-General may, in certain circumstances, exercise, known as the reserve powers need to be enacted. I draw your attention to the following;

• The power to dismiss a Prime Minister where he or she has lost the confidence of the Parliament;
• The power to dismiss a Prime Minister or Minister when he or she is acting unlawfully; and
• The power to dissolve Parliament and call an General Election

Clearly given today’s performance your work to facilitate the work of the Commonwealth Parliament and Government has been made a farce and shall only be remedied by quick and concise action.

I call on you to act before it is too late.

Why is this important?

It is important to remember that we the Australian people, the tax payers employ these numbskulls to act in the best interest of the country and represent us.
They can carry out thier factional infighting on thier own time, not ours!


2019-01-05 15:16:37 +1100

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