To: Scott Morrison & his band of merry men

Give Jenny a Break! FREE CHILDCARE

As an expecting mother, I’m thinking about what the first few years of my child’s life will be like. I’m looking forward to all those magical firsts: first steps, first sounds, first words. But let’s get real: money doesn’t grow on trees. With the cost of living being what it is, I know I’ll be back at work within the year. I’ll be spending my hard-earned money paying someone else to have quality time with my child. I’m asking you, Scott Morrison, to make childcare free, so that parents like me can afford to give our children a quality start in life - and be around to witness it.

Why is this important?

Free childcare evens the playing field for all children’s wellbeing. Quality childcare for working parents should not be a luxury. If Scott Morrison’s government makes childcare free, all children will be able to looked after, and all parents will be able to get back to work in their own time, and continue with their career goals, whilst earning enough to support their young ones.