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To: We're calling on Karen Andrews, Scott Morrison and the Australian Government

Healthcare not incarceration

Healthcare not incarceration

Asylum seekers imprisoned in MITA (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accomadation) are currently on hunger strike, protesting the inhumane and illegal detention at the hands of the Australian Government. Some of those striking have been transferred to the Northern Hospital in Epping. We demand that those in hospital be released into the community with full protection, rather than retured to detention, and that their health needs be addressed to immediately. Likewise, all refugees currently detained by the Australian Government should be released with full protections and support. Detention is a crisis for both their health and lives. We ask for the support of all health care workers, nurses, paramedics, doctors, etc., in denouncing the Government.

Why is this important?

Our struggles are intertwined. The dehumanisation of refugees and asylum seekers has implications for our wider community, and puts us all at risk. The Australian Governement's racist disregard for refugees shows their preparedness to deny human rights and use violence to opress those who disagrees with. It is the responsability of everyone to stand against morally and ethically wrong laws and injustice. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

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Reasons for signing

  • Refugees deserve to be free & access any healthcare they need.


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