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To: Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister

Hey, no GST hike!

Hey, no GST hike!

Stop the GST hike! We need a transparent tax system where big business pay their fair share.

Why is this important?

The Turnbull Government is proposing a GST hike to as high as 15%. This will hurt ordinary working people with families - particularly those on lower and middle incomes.

The GST is a "regressive" tax - that is, it taxes a pensioner at the same rate as a multi-millionaire. That just doesn't make sense with inequality on the rise.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Turnbull is delivering huge tax-breaks to venture capitalists and wealthy investors.

We need a tax system where everyone, including big business pay their fair share. A hike on GST is not the solution!

Reasons for signing

  • "The inequitable GST disproportionally taxes the lowest paid & most disadvantaged. A GST increase will also unfairly burden the middle classes who already pay most in income or small business taxes while Big Business is historically infamous for tax minimization & avoidance. Turnbull needs to consider the electorate’s composition, not his silver-spooned, silver-backed cronies. What a dilemma & test of his character!" - Julie-Anne B
  • All businesses can dodged tax; its time they bear the brunt as well.
  • I signed the petition as I believe that Australia needs an excellent education and health system. That costs money.


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The Age assesses PM Malcolm Turnbull's "innovation statement" tax changes:

"The new tax changes are also grossly inequitable in their impact. Capital gains in business investments are made overwhelmingly by wealthy taxpayers who are usually wealthy, savvy investors. To put it bluntly, there is plenty in this package for investment bankers and venture capitalists but not a lot for displaced workers in the suburbs and towns of Australia, or the 200,000 workers who will lose their jobs when the auto makers start closing from next year."

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