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To: The Australian Government

Hold migration and education agents accountable!

We call on the Australian government to implement the recommendations of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration’s inquiry to ensure migration and education agents are competent, accountable, and regulated. 
The recommendations from the Joint Standing Committee on Migration’s inquiry offer clear solutions, yet successive governments are yet to take action when addressing these issues.  
Migrant workers in Australia shouldn’t have to take financial risks to receive honest and professional advice when navigating their visa journey. 

Why is this important?

Migrants in Australia face exploitation and inadequate support due to poorly regulated migration and education agents. The "Pathways and Pitfalls" report highlights serious issues including incorrect advice, financial exploitation, and fear of visa repercussions. 

Implementing these recommendations will protect migrants, ensure fair treatment, and provide reliable, culturally appropriate migration advice services. 

Key recommendations include:
  • reviewing and improving registration requirements 
  • introducing a tiered registration system
  • mandating supervised practice for new agents
  • establishing an Immigration Assistance Complaints Commissioner
  • ensuring pricing transparency 
  • creating a performance register for education agents 
  • increasing funding for accessible migration advice; 
  • and providing targeted funding for programs that help migrants navigate these services 

Join us in demanding a safer, fairer, and more regulated system for all migrants in Australia. 



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