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I pledge to vote for refugee rights

Take the pledge.

"I will only give my first preference vote to a party that:

(1) supports bringing the refugees detained on Manus and Nauru to Australia, and offering them permanent protection,

(2) ensures people seeking asylum have access to education, employment and income support, allowing them to live with dignity,

(3) ends the dangerous practice of turning boats carrying people seeking asylum back to sea."

Why is this important?

In the lead up to the Federal election, it's time we sent a clear message to Australia's political parties that when it comes to our vote, abusing the rights of refugees and asylum seekers is a deal-breaker.

This pledge is written by Refugee Action Collective (Victoria). RAC Vic is a democratic, grassroots activist collective campaigning for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. We organise rallies, forums and weekly stalls in Melbourne. Our aim is to build a refugee rights movement powerful enough to win political change.

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Reasons for signing

  • Every single child deserves to live the life that I did, that my children are living. These are real live people, like you and me. We need to treat them all the way we would like our families to be treated.
  • The lives of refugees matter. The brutal treatment they have endured for so long as to end now. Please visit your local member and insist they represent your views on this in parliament. Asrc were told this week that it’s not an issue that the electorate is raising. De let’s taise it, loud and clear!
  • This is not the Australia that our Diggers fought & died for. I thought our country cared about people. Seems I was wrong


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