To: Joe Hockey

Joe Hockey should give up his parliamentary pension while US Ambassador

Mr Hockey, we urge you to not double dip by accessing your Parliamentary pension while being paid $360,000 to be the US Ambassador.

Although the "guidelines" technically allow you to receive income from your publicly-funded pension as well as a publicly-funded salary as Ambassador, we ask you to end your own "age of entitlement" and rule out double dipping.

Why is this important?

While Treasurer, Joe Hockey accused everyday people of being "leaners" and criticised expecting mums as being "double dippers" for accessing paid parental leave (he said it was "basically fraud").

Under his two budgets as Treasurer, Hockey cut billions from essential support services, education, hospitals and the ABC and SBS, amongst many other public services and supports.

Now, having left Parliament mid-term, he will draw two salaries.

It's time for (former) politicians like Joe Hockey to practice what they preach.