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To: Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

Keep Baby Asha Safe

Baby Asha is safe -- for now. But sadly, many more children and their mothers still face deportation, and indefinite captivity on detention centre islands. The fight continues!

Mr Dutton, don't deport Baby Asha. This 12-month old little girl and her family are currently facing deportation back to Nauru. Guarantee the safety of Baby Asha and her family in Australia so they can leave hospital without fear they will be arrested by Border Force and deported to Nauru.

Why is this important?

Queensland Unions stands in solidarity with the doctors, nurses and health care professionals of Lady Cilento Children's Hospital who are refusing to release Baby Asha without a safe environment for her to return "home" to. Nauru, and Manus, are not safe places.

The Australian union movement says ... #LetThemStay


Reasons for signing

  • Children are society's future . By keeping chn in detention you are causing irriversible harm. Aust should never endorse this cruel and inhuman treatment on anyone let alone to vunerable chn.
  • We need to re-evaluate what values & morals we have & wish to uphold for our own people, & we need to uphold them for all. If we cannot give respect, how can we ask anyone else to give it to us? & c'mon, we like to think we live in a country which gives everyone basic human rights - let's make that reality, not fiction!
  • The Nauru detention centre is not a safe environment for baby Asha. Nauru and Manus Island detention centres are not safe places for children, adolescents or adults


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