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To: Westfield Southland

Keep parking at Westfield Southland free

Westfield Southland must reverse their plans to introduce paid parking.

Why is this important?

Westfield is a multinational company that makes billions of dollars in profit a year, forcing staff and loyal customers pay for parking is just greedy.

Retail and hospitality workers at Westfield Southland work long and late shifts, in low income roles. It is unsafe to force them to park offsite and unfair to force them to pay commercial rates of parking, as high as $1300 a year.

This is a cost that workers cannot afford and do not deserve.

Reasons for signing

  • I was a loyal and frequent customer for 20years, now they want more, more money, my personal details, credit card info, license plate just to park and shop? No! I will shop somewhere else now
  • I could easily shop elsewhere
  • I don't think it's fair that the staff at Southland should have to pay for parking. It's a large annual parking fee. I doubt whether many of the staff have had large pay increases to cover this extra impost.


2017-05-19 22:33:06 +1000

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