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To: Mayor and Councillors, City of Kingston

Kingston: net zero emissions by 2030

Kingston: net zero emissions by 2030

We are calling on the City of Kingston to adopt a net zero emissions target by 2030 in its next climate plan. Our city presently emits three million tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, which has a direct negative impact on our health and environment. Those emissions contribute to global warming, which increases the likelihood of you and your loved ones being affected by extreme weather such as heatwave, flood and fire.

Why is this important?

A net zero target by 2030 is essential for cleaner air, a healthier environment, cheaper power, better health and a fairer society. A rapid shift to renewables will create significant ongoing local jobs for people in trades, administration, services, procurement and other industries. As Professor Tim Flannery stated recently, 'Here’s the truth about action on climate change: it creates jobs. Plenty of them. It’s good for the economy. And it will lower power prices, protect people, and save our environment.' Join us in our race to zero!

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