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Let's Fix Long Service

We need to fix long service leave.

More Victorians than ever before are trapped in casual, contract and other forms of insecure work.

As a consequence, working people are being denied access to long service leave. Only 1 in 4 will ever receive the long service leave we have earnt. That’s unfair.

Plus we’re expected to work longer and harder.

After years of hard work, we deserve a break to rest our body and mind.

Why is this important?

Sam's story:
"I’m a disability worker and I have been employed in the sector for 15 years. I currently work across three services as a permanent and casual employee.

"There is a lot of burnout in the sector and workers suffer from traumatic events due to the nature of the people we support."

Matt's story:
"I have supported people with disabilities for over 20 years in nine casual positions. If I received long service leave and I added all my years together, I'd have six months off. Instead I've had five unpaid holidays in 20 years."

Andrea's story:
"I have worked in the mental health sector for over 26 years, and I have worked two jobs for the last 8 years. I have been focused on getting to the 10 year mark, now to find that it’s at the discretion of my employer and 15 years is the benchmark – who makes it through 15 years at one front line service?"

Kim's story:
"I’m a Pre-School Field Officer and have been employed in the sector for 28 years. In this time I have gained several qualifications and taught in a range of workplaces, but my hard work has not been rewarded with long service leave at any time. "

Sign our petition to show your support for better, fair long service leave. Let’s fix long service leave.


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