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To: Northern Beaches

Light up the footpaths & give more accessibility on the NB

Dear Northern beaches Council

It is time to spend your energy on fixing our footpaths, giving more accessibility to prams, ppl with disabilities and access for all to have pavements in their suburbs.
Time to light up each surburb and give safe passage and access to communities.

Why is this important?

This is important because it’s not safe and people should be able to stand at a bus stop and feel safe. People should be able to walk home from work being able to see the footpath. People should have the right to safely access the footpaths while exercising or walking home.
There are not many footpaths on the northern beaches. Many people have to walk on the roads to access the community and get to their destination.

Northern Beaches, NSW, Australia

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2022-04-06 15:06:11 +1000

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