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To: PM Scott Morrison and SA Premier Steven Marshall

Lockdown relief for SA workers

I am calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and South Australian Premier Steven Marshall to immediately ensure that ALL workers have access to financial relief to cover their loss of income. At a minimum, this should be $750 per week, which is the weekly Australian minimum wage.

Why is this important?

My name is Luna Voelcker-Sala. I am a casual worker in the hospitality industry. As a result of the recently announced lockdown for South Australia, I have lost all of my shifts and all my income for (at least) the next 7 days. Yes, important measures have been taken to protect the public's health, but financial support for unemployed workers should be at the heart of these measures. I am fortunate enough to be living at home with a family that can support me, but there are so many others that need to pay rent, alongside groceries, medicine, personal bills etc. And I am just one of the thousands of workers that have lost their entire incomes. We all want to keep everyone safe from COVID-19, but us workers need financial relief to make ends meet.

South Australia, Australia

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