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To: Queensland government

Make Queensland a Refugee Safe Haven

The state government should immediately offer to resettle the refugees on Manus and Nauru and declare the state a refugee safe haven.

Why is this important?

The Pacific Solution is a failed policy. Mandatory detention of refugees is a failed policy.

Every week brings a new low in Australia's refugee policy. Every day brings fresh heartache and despair for refugees suffering at Australia's hands. And right now, every hour brings thirst, hunger and the risk of death-by-policy to the 600 men on Manus Island left without power, water, food or medical supplies by the closure of the refugee camp without provision for safe settlement of the people detained there for years.

Last year thousands of Australians rallied and organised, protested, moved motions in their unions and community organisations and demanded sanctuary for asylum-seekers and refugees in Australia for medical care. At that time, state governments stepped up to offer protection to these vulnerable people.

In the same way, the Queensland state government should offer safety, housing and settlement services, both because it is humane and to help break the federal political consensus that there is no limit to the abuse that can be directed at refugees, in the attempt to look "tough."

Refugees are not our enemy. It is heartless racism and vilification of the vulnerable that is the biggest threat in this situation. It is time to stop saying "stop the boats" and start to recogise asylum saves lives.

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