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To: MOVE bank member , please join the campaign

Move Bank Board have rejected a merger proposal that would have put thousands in your pockets

Move Bank Board  have rejected a merger proposal that would have put thousands in your pockets

By joining this petition you are sending a message to the directors of Railways Credit Union (trading as MOVE Bank)

“As a member of MOVE Bank, I demand that you negotiate the best deal possible with Auswide Bank and arrange for members (i.e. the owners of MOVE Bank) to decide by way of a vote on whether it is in our best interests and should therefore succeed.

“I also demand that you immediately inform any new or prospective members of MOVE Bank of Auswide Bank’s merger proposal and that it would be available only to those people who were registered as MOVE Bank members on 1 March 2020.”

Why is this important?

If you were a member of MOVE bank on 1st March 2020 you should be feeling pretty concerned right now

The directors of MOVE Bank have, on your behalf, rejected a merger proposal from Auswide Bank that would have put thousands of dollars into the pockets of every MOVE member , many of whom are Union members, families, and friends.

Auswide Bank is an ASX-listed regional bank based in Bundaberg and has branches right across Queensland from Brisbane to Townsville.

WE SAY: It is for MOVE’s members, not the directors, to decide the future of MOVE.

How it will be delivered

Why is this important?
As indicated earlier, the RTBU is not supporting or opposing Auswide Bank’s merger proposal, but we believe you should:
1. Be told about it
2. Be allowed to vote on it
Please sign our petition and this will send a clear message to Move Directors
" let members decide what is best for members "


Reasons for signing

  • Before its 'transformation' Railways Credit Union was an openly transparent entity that appealed to all the fundamental banking needs of its members. I really feel that Move Bank as it is now known, no longer gauges the wishes of its members, or sufficient consultation in making changes, and this situation is demonstrative that point. If you wonder why long term members shifted their daily banking elsewhere I would say look inwardly first...
  • I believe that the board directors should look after all members, we should be informed and at least an explanation to why it was rejected.


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