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To: The Hon. Luke Donnellan MP, Minister for Ports

MV Wyuna,She needs your help,She needs to go home.

MV Wyuna,She needs your help,She needs to go home.

We the undersigned employ the Victorian Government to immediately take steps to ensure the former Port Philip Bay pilot ship and Tasmanian Training vessel MV Wyuna is preserved and provide a berth back home in Victoria for future generations to enjoy. Built in 1952 for the Port Philip sea pilots Wyuna served Melbourne well up till 1980 when she was sold to the Tasmanian maritime College. Many thousands of seaman, many still at sea today completed their training aboard Wyuna. As the last riveted ship in Australia and the last ship of her type in the world Wyuna must be preserved. Wyuna must come home to Melbourne therefore a suitable berth has to be provided for the ship to ensure her future as a school camp for young people to get a taste of our maritime history is assured.

Why is this important?

The MV Wyuna is one of Australia’s most historically valuable examples of early post war shipping. This ship is invaluable, there are no more, she is the last of her line. Similar ships to the Wyuna have long since made their final journey to the breakers yard. Unless steps are taken to ensure Wyuna is preserved then the same fate may very well await the Wyuna.. We all have a responsibility to our future generations to preserve our maritime history.

Reasons for signing

  • Back in 1960/ 61/62 I worked for the Melbourne Steamship Company at Williamstown and I had opportunity to work on her during her annual monthly layup and refit,she was a beautiful ship and she deserves to be retired to the port that she serviced.
  • Important personally but also a very important part of our maritime history. Too beautiful to be wrecked for the sake of a lack of berth. C,mon Vic Ports, where's your sense of history?
  • Wyuna is living maritime history. To have her returned to Victoria, restored and on display would be valuable recognition.


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