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To: The Australian Government

No Australian Support For Trump’s War On Iran

We call on the Australian government to rule out any support for a US attack on Iran and to urge the Trump administration to deescalate from its dangerous brinkmanship that could lead to massive loss of life and environmental disaster.

Why is this important?

A war between the US and Iran would have devastating consequences for all the people of the region. It is not in Australian people’s interest to go along with the Trump administration’s ‘regime change’ agenda. Only the people of Iran can decide their government. The US is not under attack from Iran and nor is Australia. A peaceful resolution of outstanding issues is essential and possible.

Reasons for signing

  • As a Australian citizen, I urge Australian government not to drag another nation to a war that will cause a massive loss of innocent people.
  • We need to save humanity not go to war now.
  • We need to call out companies that benefit from wars and politicians that boost their popularity. (How sick is that?) We need to use our money to improve the lives of our own people and help others too.. The Palestinian problem also needs to be resolved. so they can get on with their lives too!


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