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To: Scott Morrison, Prime Minister

No Trump in Australia!

Donald Trump is rumoured to be visiting Australia this year after the election. The Morrison-Turnbull-Abbott Liberals have warmly invited him to visit, saying President Trump is welcome in Australia.

This is not okay. Scott Morrison must immediately rescind Trump's invitation. His horrific treatment of migrant children, his advocacy for the gun lobby, his treatment of women and his history of dangerously divisive political rhetoric is not welcome in Australia.

We can stop President Trump from coming here. In the United Kingdom, over 1 million people signed a petition calling on the British Government to prevent Trump from visiting. Under pressure and not wanting to be embarrassed, Trump cancelled his scheduled visit.

Why is this important?

While visiting Washington in 2017, PM Malcolm Turnbull warmly invited President Trump to Australia. Now it seems more likely than ever, with July reported to be the preferred month.

When questioned about the rumours of President Trump visiting, fellow Liberal Christopher Pyne said, "We have 100 years of mateship with the United States this year, of course we would welcome him here."

We have to stop him. Trump's racism, sexism and homophobia have dangerously emboldened a violent far-right both in Australia and abroad.

Years ago, Australia made a peaceful, bipartisan decision to introduce gun controls, making our country safer for all. Trump's presence in Australia is anathema to our most cherished shared values, and would only create unnecessary tension and hostility here. He should not be afforded or extended an official state visit.


Reasons for signing

  • I am a distinguised leader in Zimbabwe and if you send me just 1000 dollars I promise to deliver you the riches of Zimbabwe
  • This man is evil and corrupt
  • We SHOULD NOT waste taxpayer money on this criminal only to see an embarrassing display of our politicians cow-tow to this deplorable human being.


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