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To: Scott Morrison, Prime Minister

No Trump in Australia!

Scott Morrison has officially invited Donald Trump to visit Australia.

This is not okay. Scott Morrison must immediately rescind Trump's invitation. His horrific treatment of migrant children, his advocacy for the gun lobby, his treatment of women and his history of dangerously divisive political rhetoric is not welcome in Australia.

We can stop President Trump from coming here. If enough people sign this petition Scott Morrison will have to listen to us.

Why is this important?

At a dinner ahead of the G20 leaders' summit is Osaka, Scott Morrison made a formal invitation to Donald Trump to travel to Australia for The Presidents Cup golf tournament.

Trump hasn't yet confirmed if he'll come or not, but he said: "I’ll tell you what, I’d like to. That’s a big deal. That’s going to be great."

We have to stop him. Trump's racism, sexism and homophobia have dangerously emboldened a violent far-right both in Australia and abroad.

Years ago, Australia made a peaceful, bipartisan decision to introduce gun controls, making our country safer for all. Trump's presence in Australia is anathema to our most cherished shared values, and would only create unnecessary tension and hostility here. He should not be afforded or extended an official state visit.


Reasons for signing

  • Australian Visa conditions make it almost impossible for criminals to visit or work in Australia. Why should this racist dictator be exempt? Morrison needs to consult with Australians prior to inappropriately inviting this monster here, and shouldn’t be surprised when he loses the next Australian election.
  • Why would Trump coming here be beneficial for anyone? Do not encourage that criminal to steal more money from his people to fly a personal jet to Australia to play golf with the current prime minister. I'm sure they have a lot in common but let's be reasonable here, people aren't working hard for leaders to play golf together.
  • trump is a moral degenerate, would be despot and thug. He is entirely unfit to occupy the office of President of the USA and is a disgrace in the eyes of the world. He has no right to set foot in our country.


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