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To: Eduardo Belo

Pay up! Honour entitlements to dismissed Timorese security workers

This campaign has ended.

Gardarmor Security in Timor Leste has recently dismissed over 100 workers.

We understand that businesses grow and contract, and that sometimes difficult decisions must be made. However, we also understand that for ordinary workers, losing a job can be a devastating event that affects their entire community.

These workers are entitled to receive fair compensation under Timorese Law.

We call on Eduardo Belo, owner of Gardarmor Security, to honour his commitments under Timorese Law and pay security workers their entitlements.

Why is this important?

Eduardo Belo is the owner of Gardarmor Security. He is also the biggest private sector employer in East Timor. Despite a recent article in the Nikkei Asian Review promoting his rise to ‘top business man in East Timor’, Belo has recently overseen the dismissal of over 100 Timorese security workers at Gardamor Security.

Workers are angry that East Timor’s top businessman - who runs one of the most profitable private companies – has sacked these workers without paying them their entitlements.

The General Workers Union of Timor Leste (SJT-TL) has turned to the Australian union movement for solidarity.

We need your help: tell Eduardo Belo to honour his commitments to his security workers under Timorese labour law.

We care about workers’ rights and support the General Workers Union of Timor Leste in their pursuit of compensation for these workers.

Please sign and share to demand Eduardo Belo pays workers their entitlements.




2016-10-20 16:58:30 +1100

The courageous strike action last month by SJT-TL members at Gardamor forced the company to come to the negotiating table, but several of the workers' key demands still haven't been met. Gardamor workers walked off the job again this morning for a second round of industrial action, and we stand with them to say: #PayUpGardamor!

2016-09-19 16:17:10 +1000

Video update: Secretary General of the General Workers Union of Timor Leste (SJT-TL), Almerio Vila Nova, addresses picket line.

2016-09-19 14:44:06 +1000

Update from workers' strike in Dili: the Inspector General from the Labour Relations Department and Gardarmor Security owner, Eduardo Belo, are negotiating on the street with the workers.

2016-09-19 11:39:54 +1000

Happening now! Over 100 workers have joined the strike and demonstration at Gardarmor headquarters in Dili. Workers are demanding only that their rights to full compensation are respected. Eduardo Belo still refuses to meet the workers demands.
The General Workers' Union of Timor Leste (SJT-TL) has pledged to continue their struggle until these workers get the respect they deserve.
In response to the incredible support already received from workers around the world, a representative of the company said to the striking workers: "you can get support from all the trade unions in the world, and it will make no difference".
Let's prove them wrong!
We already know our international solidarity is working - let's take it one step further. We already have a 600-strong petition demanding Eduardo Belo pay up. Please add your name and share widely! Images and updates ->

2016-09-16 19:45:39 +1000

500 signatures reached

2016-09-15 16:43:48 +1000

100 signatures reached

2016-09-14 20:34:50 +1000

50 signatures reached

2016-09-14 18:15:10 +1000

25 signatures reached

2016-09-14 17:27:41 +1000

10 signatures reached