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To: Kmart and Target

Pay your workers a living wage!

Pay your workers a living wage!

It's time for Kmart and Target to guarantee that the workers who produce their clothing are paid and employed ethically. It is unthinkable that these companies could profit from the exploitation of workers paid less than a living wage.

Make your voice heard.

Why is this important?

The article in Fairfax was shocking. Kmart and Target should know better than to source their products from factories where workers are exploited.

Many workers in these factories are paid less in a week than Australians earn an hour. These big companies make massive profits and need to know that Australians won't accept these dodgy practices. It's these sort of dodgy practices that meant over 1,000 workers died when a clothing factory called Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh.

For more information check out the article in Fairfax:


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You can learn more about Rana Plaza disaster here:

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You can read the Fairfax article here: