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To: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese; Clare O’Neil, Minister for Home Affairs and Andrew Giles, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs

Permanent visas for refugees and asylum seekers

• Immediately grant permanent visas to all Temporary Protection and Safehaven Enterprise Visa holders
• Permanent visas for all those denied protection under the unfair Fast Track processing system
• Allow refugees held on Nauru and PNG to stay in Australia permanently

Why is this important?

All the thousands of refugees and asylum seekers who had their lives torn apart under the Liberals’ policies of torture deserve a secure future.

Since the election there has not even been a timeline announced for the plan to convert 19,000 Temporary Protection and Safehaven Enterprise Visas to permanent visas. Medevac refugees brought for healthcare from PNG and Nauru also need the right to stay permanently in Australia. 9000 asylum seekers denied protection under the Liberals’ unfair Fast Track processing system, which the new Labor government plans to abolish, need security and the right to resettle permanently in Australia.

Every day without a permanent visa causes more anguish, denying people the right to study, family reunion, travel, access to NDIS and other crucial health services, creating barriers to work and in many cases denying families any welfare and childcare access.



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