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To: Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia & Chris Crewther, Liberal candidate for Dunkley

Pledge to defend weekend penalty rates

Weekend rates are so important to me. It’s about survival.

I need a local MP who will fight for me. But Chris Crewther - and Malcolm Turnbull - have made it very clear they will NOT fight for me or thousands of other weekend workers in my electorate.

I can't believe they actually want to cut my pay?!

That’s why I'm pledging to put the Liberals LAST on Election Day. Can I count on every one of you to do the same?

Why is this important?

My name is Jayne and I’m a chef in Frankston. And I’m really worried about Chris Crewther, the local Liberal Party candidate in my seat of Dunkley.

Malcolm Turnbull and Mr Crewther want to cut weekend penalty rates for me and thousands of ambos, nurses and fellow hospitality workers.

I love being a chef but it’s challenging. If it's quiet you go home early and some days you get asked to not come in at all. Weekend rates mean being able to pay my rent and my bills.

I know people talk about the 24/7 society but I'll believe that when people get married on Wednesday afternoons or have family barbecues on Tuesday mornings.

So many hospitality workers here are in the same boat, along countless numbers of ambos and nurses.

That’s why I was a shocked when I read that Liberal candidate Chris Crewther wrote in the paper that he wants to cut our weekend rates.

Then he tried to hide his comments from his Facebook page, but then the local paper caught him out.

Let's defend weekend rates. Join me in pledging to put the Liberals last this election.

Reasons for signing

  • Fair days pay for a fair days work. I brought my two boys up on penalty rates
  • always put Libs last
  • Penalty Rates certainly helped my children achieve more than I ever could !


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