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To: Park Guen-hye, President of South Korea

President Park: stop attacking Korean workers!

South Korean workers continue their fight against repressive government policies. On Monday 10 October 2016, truck drivers began a strike against plans which will make cause more deaths in crashes and drive down rates further. Their protests have been violently opposed: over 54 workers have been arrested, five injured and two are still in hospital.

Send your message to South Korean President Park Guen-hye and ask her to:
• Put a stop to the violence against protesting workers
• Withdraw the regressive labour reforms
• Free all jailed trade union activists
• Recognise Korean truck drivers’ right to unionise
• Respect the right to freedom of association, including the right to peaceful assembly and to strike

Why is this important?

An attack on the rights of Korean truck drivers is an attack on the rights of truck drivers here in Australia and across the world. Australia and other countries have signed so-called free trade deals with South Korea which mean the low standards and oppression Koreans face today could be ours tomorrow.

We must show the President that workers from all over the world are ready and willing to stand behind our colleagues in Korea and support safe and fair workplaces.



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